Professional trolley racing jack 2,5 Ton

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Low entry aluminium jack, originally designed for motorsport but also ideal for service workshops and garages working on race, rally and kit cars. Build with twin piston, it can lift up to 2500 kg and requires 7 pumps only to reach the top. The side mounted handles ease positioning and the wide track wheels and castors facilitate the move. The rubber saddle pad protects the car chassis while the foam bumper handle pad protects the user’s hand and the vehicle.  Equipped with dual return springs and strong aluminum handle. TÜV approved.

Weight20 kg
Total length635 mm
Lifting capacity1800kg (2 US Tons)
Minimum saddle height85 mm
Maximum saddle height470 mm
Chassis Width165 mm
Chassis height150 mm
Overall handle Length1370 mm


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Professional trolley racing jack 2,5 Ton

Professional trolley racing jack 2,5 Ton

Motamec aluminium rocket lift jack – 2500 kg.