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OFFcrk è il sollevatore idraulico specificatamente disegnato per l’equipaggiamento di bordo delle auto da fuoristrada di ogni categoria.   Lavorato dal pieno in lega aereonautica nelle sue parti...



EVOcrk is the quick-lift hydraulic rally jack from EVO Corse, suitable for all rally cars of every category.   Sharing most of its features with the top-end rally jack EVOjack, EVOcrk is made of...



EVOjack is the hydraulic ultra-fast rally jack, specifically designed for the on-board equipment of the best rally cars. Its compact design, low weight, and ease of use make it a unique...


EVOjack Quadra

EVOjack Quadra can be used with any racing car, thanks to the carrier member that fits the chassis without the need for the insertion hole. The removable handle allows to quickly lift the car and...