Service parks, in rally as well as in other race categories, require proper tools in order to allow mechanics to prepare cars in the best way possible. Victoriae Faber includes reliable products, such as still stands, hydraulic jacks and accessories for stacking and moving wheels.

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  • Car lifting

    In service parks it is important to lift the car properly, so that mechanics and technicians can work safely. Motamec tools – guaranteed by Victoriae Faber – are the ideal solution: ramps, still stands and hydraulic jacks made are reliable and resistant products that allow to set-up the car in the best way.

  • Paddock accessories

    The paddock accessories range offers some simple yet useful products. The tire trolley proposed by Victoriae Faber is a practical product for everyone: usually used in the paddocks of all sport circuits in the world, it allows to easily move wheels – with or without tires – even in the garage or warehouse, solving problems of space. Also the wheel alignment bar is very useful to measure the wheel alignment just before the stat of a race.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 18 items


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