Tire valves

For a safe inflation of the tire, a quality valve stem is the best solution. On Victoriae Faber there are different types of tire valvessuitable for different uses and needs, such as the classic and reliable rubber valves of different lengths,  the aluminum valves dedicated to those who do not leave anything to chance, and the hidden valves that give the wheels a touch of elegance. 

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Hidden safety valves for tyres

Hidden tubeless tyre valves for cars and auto veichles. Produced in Italy, they give a touch of elegance to alloy wheels. Packaged in a blister that includes 4 metal valves, an inflating adapter...


Short tire valve dust cap

Short tire valve caps in anodized aluminum, suitable to all cars. Easy to install on the stem of the valve, it prevents water, snow, and dust from coming into the tire and gives the wheel a touch...