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Victoriae Faber offers a line of products for racing car interiors. Among the products in the catalog you can find FIA approved race harnesses, steering wheels specific for competition use and tuning as well as tools for fastening wheels during a race.

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  • Safety harnesses

    Safety first. Linea Sport race harnesses – sold exclusively by Victoriae Faber – are all you need to compete in a safe condition. Manufactured in Italy, the seat belts of the Victoriae Faber catalog ensure the same features as those of the best-known brands at an attractive price and can also be used in international competitions being FIA approved.

  • Steering wheels

    In every motoring discipline the steering wheel is the first device of control of the car. Linea Sport steering wheels– sold exclusively by Victoriae Faber –are excellent solutions for racing enthusiasts who want to mount on their car the quality of ‘made in Italy’ products which have nothing to envy to those of established brand.

  • Fastening tools

    During a rally punture can jeopardize the final result, for this reason it is important to face wheel change trying to save as much time as possible. The impact wrench and wheel braces by Motamec are valid tools for screwing and unscrewing lug bolts & nuts.

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